Little Briar Rose
2014IGMC - Graphic Adventure
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1. Introduction
Little Briar Rose is a graphic adventure game inspired by “Sleeping Beauty” fable (the Grimm brothers version) and is our entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. We don't speack french, so forgive us for the english topic.

In this game we’ll play as a brave prince that will try to save the princess, under a spell that makes her sleep forever. In order to save her, the prince will have to explore the enchanted forest that isolates the outer world from the castle where she’s penned.
It won’t be easy to save her: the forest is populated by different magic creatures, and the prince will have to understand and help them, so he can break the curse.

2. Characters
You are the prince of the fable, but will you be the real Charming Prince? Or will you just be an ordinary pretender, like Philip, Arthur and Edward before you? As the legend says, "Many tried, but only one prevailed". Every time you fail, a new suitor will come and try to save the kingdom.

3. Gameplay
This is a Graphic Adventure where you have to use the mouse for everything:
  • Look: to look far items
  • Action: to use an item or interact with an object
  • Talk: to talk with peoples
  • Go: move your hero to next the map
There are several items around the game. To use an item, select it from the item menu and click on the character or the area you want to use it.

4. Screenshots

5. Video

6. Download link
This is the submission link. The contest is still ongoing, so if you enjoy the game, take a moment to vote for it. ;3

Official Site
Here's the link to the official page, where you can download the game (os version too).

7. Credits
Secret (Cliquer pour afficher)

A game inspired by Little Briar Rose by Grimm

Game Design:
Piero Dotti alias ProGM
Fabiola Allegrone alias Flame

Storyboard and Direction:
Piero Dotti alias ProGM
Fabiola Allegrone alias Flame

Graphics design:
Fabiola Allegrone alias Flame

Coding and Gameplay:
Piero Dotti alias ProGM

Dialogue Translations and Adaptation:
Stefano Zambrano
Fabiola Allegrone alias Flame (minor changes)

A Journey Into The Depths, by Doxent Zsigmond is licensed under CC BY 3.0 / Converted to OGG Vorbis
Journey, by Doxent Zsigmond is licensed under CC BY 3.0 / Converted to OGG Vorbis
Sleeping Lullaby, by Francesco Percassi

Sound Effects:

Additional scripts:
Mouse System by Jet10985(Jet) (Some code by Daniel Martin)
Lune Message System by Raizen

Marco Buzzi alias Guardian of Irael

Developed with:
RPG Maker VX Ace, Enterbrain, Inc.

Thanks to:
RPG2s Community ( )

8. Follow us
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Nice, I like it. The graphism are just marvellous. I think download the game. Good job.
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J'ai Un Gros
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This stained-glass style looks pretty cool.
brikou - Publié le 17/07/2014 à 09:52:30

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I've finish the game. The graphic style is very amazing, I've never seen something like this in an other videogame. I've just only been frustrated at the end because the game is really short. I think also that the concept of "succession of princes" could be more devellopped.
Howevere, I have had a good time when I have play it.
Thanks to have present it on this forum.
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Pomme de terre
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ça c'est de l'équipe.
Pendant ce temps là, en France on a Joséphine ange gardien§

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