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Alexander0777 - Publié le 03/04/2012 à 18:13:35

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One of the best portals to publish your indie and casual games!

Hi! I want to show us my project
FreankExpo is a portal about indie and casual games borned in the March 2011 where the users can submit their works and release them to the players. There are all genres avaibles (RPGs, action, adventure, ecc...) and a section dedicated on developing games where people can found engines and resources to make one.
For tempting the people there is a classification based on points collected by posting comments, rating games and publishing games. The staff makes periodic contests and tournments for players and developers, to enjoy them and collect more points.

The FreankExpo also launched an YouTube channel ) where developers can send videos of their own games and there will published demos videos of popular indies.
There is a Facebook page where there will posted news and the people can easily contact the Staff.
The website is avaible in english, italian and german and, with the help of Monos and Kilam1110, french (cooming soon : spanish) languages.

We are growing up month by month, we're introducing many functions to make the website more powerful and efficient. we're pointing to be the best portal with only free indie and casual games of the world !


- Easy interface to publish your games in automatic mode and a panel where you can manage your games.
- Point-based-system to get classified and be the top of the list
- YouTube channel for posting videos and Facebook page for news and all material about FreankExpo
- Totally Staff support for any questions

Join now!

AlexRE - Publié le 03/04/2012 à 21:36:46

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Hi !

Thank you for giving us this information, i didn't now this project, and it's a pretty good thing.

Good thing that Monos & Kilam1110 are giving you some help.

By the way, what place do RPG Maker games have in this website ? Are they in the forefront, or in the background ?

It is called an "expo", is it going to be a kind of museum website ?

You can make a partnership with our RPG Maker competition website by filling in this form.

Anyway, good luck !
shûji : "un alex roi c'est le O+ du groupe sanguin, il aime tout, les awards il a pas de préférence, il fait des tests élaboré, note normal, il est casable partout ~ juste qu'il faut prévoir 2 semaines d'avance avec lui pouce vert etc"
Alexander0777 - Publié le 04/04/2012 à 18:30:41

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Yes. It is called "expo" 'cause it's a kind of museum, exposition of free indie games.
About the pluace of rpgmaker's games... they are considered equal to other games made by other tool or programming languages.
I think that it's not like you make a game, but what game you make.
Freank - Publié le 20/04/2016 à 09:39:35

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Hi guys ! i refresh this old topic!
The FreankExpo dies to live again through

The soul is the same but with a modern armor.
The heart, the games, continue to give it life.
A new beginning.

We want to continue to grow up. And to do this... we needed to evolve.

New features are already visible: you can put more downloads, upload games on our server (max 750MB), upload and play online HTML5 games (on PC, Tablet and Smartphone).
Uploading games made with RpgMaker MV, they will be automatically playable online. (exemple: )

Over 1,000 Like on Facebook !

So, guys... what features do you want to see in the website ?

AlexRE - Publié le 29/04/2016 à 02:20:59

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Not bad !

I'd like to do the same for games that we can play directly in the browser (even if the "Now loading" message is quite ugly).

However, I'm wondering how to prevent a game from hiding some malicious javascript code in its core...

Anyway, thank you for this update, and keep up the good work.
shûji : "un alex roi c'est le O+ du groupe sanguin, il aime tout, les awards il a pas de préférence, il fait des tests élaboré, note normal, il est casable partout ~ juste qu'il faut prévoir 2 semaines d'avance avec lui pouce vert etc"
Freank - Publié le 10/11/2018 à 11:47:48

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OMG. I never update this topic! There was so many new features and improvments in this years!

I have to make a short list!

- now you can upload GIF (example)
- New Notification Area
- Added SiteMap
- Add Rss Feeds Area
- New Share Buttons
- Added QR Code in your own Game Page

- Added also the Game Cards (if you are a developer and post a comment, the users can see a Game Card about one of your games (random) and click/download on it)

- Over 2,000 FREE Games uploaded!
- Feed Rss for your News-Game-Page !
- E-Mail Notifications
- Levels, Points and Powers ! (read how to do)
- Added AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for each game and user page.
- Added new Languages : Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesia, etc.
- New chart about Most Downloaded (Last 30 Days)
- Added how many users follow a game
- New chart about the most followed games.
- Added new Statistics about your game
- Added a red label about the games that you can play online
- Now you can add hashtags in the description or in the comments
- Added the preview of the youtube-videos when you put a link.

We made a "new gamepad", a new way to play the MV games (and other html5 games).
If you have an android smartphone, go here and download the app (it’s free and always will be).

Then select one of those games (my suggestion: Mom or ParaDog made with MV by artgames! wow)... scan the QR code with the App... and now you can play it using your smartphone like a gamepad!

How to add it at your game?
It's very very easy. It works only for the games made with MV.
Upload the zip of your game (like a html5 game) and click on "Enable indiepad support".
It's all.
Easy and fast.
No script, no code!

Other news!
- Now you can add also a long Description about your game
- Now you can add a game to your subscription directly in home page, clicking on the heart. Easy and fast.
- Added a new area called History
- You can write the last update about your game directly in the game-page
- new search bar in the mobile view
- now you can see the gems of the other users when they left a comment
- Created User Pages
- If your game is playable online (like the MV Games), you can embed it on your own blog or website using the code on the game page

- restyle of the area about the game news and comments
- added the possibility to create a shortcut to the user page using @username
- in home page now there's the area called "in the case you missed" with the latest news about the games that follow
- improved the SEO of different pages (and it's increasing the traffic from Google! Yeah)
- formatting system also in the comments area
- improved the Suggestion Algorithm in the home page
- improved the Badge System for Devs and Gamers
- added Comments Area in the User Page (to show the latest games commented by the User)
- New subareas in the Indieconsole! How many players are in your room?
- added the Date in the Comments
- 40 Games that support the Score System!
- added new filters in the Advanced Search (Online Games and Games with Scores)
- LIVE Notifications!
- Monetisation [BETA] for indie devs (it needs a separate post, no worry)
- now the Charts show only the games uploaded/updated in the last 6 months
- Language problem on the website? Now you can select your language on Settings Area!
- Added the Adult Filter, that you can switch (on/off) in your Settings
- Improved the Game News Area, with buttons to follow or download the game, easily and fastly
- Are you playing an online game and received a notification? Now you can move the mouse on the top and open the Notification Area, no exit from your game!

- Over 1,000 Users are using our Chrome Extension, to play online game from your browser!
- Adding the Chromecast Support to our indiepad app, to use your TV like a free virtual game console!

Follow us on Facebook or Youtube!

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Freank - Publié le 10/10/2021 à 12:57:04

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Oh, I have to update this topic! So.... let's start!

- New News Area!
Now you can see just two areas: Most Popular & Most Recent.
In the top you can see Recently Updated, clicking on the images you will go directly to the game's News Area (with the latest updates)

- Suggested Users
Now in the bottom of the User Pages, you can see 3 Users with their rank, to discover new players!

- New Stats
Added new Stats in your Game Page!

- Total Stats
Do you have more than one game? Watch the Your Games area to see the stats of all your games uploaded just in one place!

Watching movies, playing games, reading book. Spoilers are everywhere.

For this reason, we added a new way to write comments on indiexpo.
Now adding || this || you can write what do you want, hidding the text and to make the world safe for other players.

Just this? Oh, no baby.
Here it is another small feature. The Online Status.
In the Profile page (yours or another user), you can see if he is online or not!
Very easy.

We improved the design of the website, changing also the Subscribe Button!
Here it is the new one:

A new feature is the Subscribers List! Clicking on the subscribers number (near the players) you can see who is following a game. Like on instagram. Very easy

We are also improving the recommended algorithm in the home page, trying to suggest also the popular games of your favourite genre and of your language (observing your previous download and comments)

There are also two new interesting games that have the Score System of indiexpo!

Endless Combat Dungeon (for the retrogaming lovers)

Overlord's New Mansion (platform)

If you are logged, you can send your score in the online leaderboard automatically! Very easy and fast!
Try to be the BEST!

and we can continue! ... you might have noticed new icons in the Notification area, that should make visualization more immediate.

In the homepage, we added a new mini-section, showing three random games that have recently gotten over 1000 players (still in testing stage, we're trying to see if people like it and use it).

Trending Games. By visiting the pages of games uploaded in the latest 30 days, you might have noticed 'Trending Games' written in some of them- indicating that that game is receiving a lot of attention when compared to other games uploaded in that timeframe.

Thanks to the help from the author of Knightin'+, the website has been entirely translated to Ukrainian. The translation, previously only 78% done, is now complete! And the new visits from Eastern Europe are already increasing!

Is it a real community? Oh, yes! We are publishing on indiexpo blog, several reviews of Game Developers for (new) Indie Devs with interesting projects!
The first one was about the pixel art, made by the pixel artist of Fantastico Studio, and the second one (posted few days ago) was about an adventure game by an artist of Ars Goetia Studio.

It's also started a new Easter Egg hunt! If you will play this game, Rookie Hero, and you will be the first to find the Easter Egg, you will win 500 Gems!
Remember to stay logged.

Other features added!

- Share Button
We added a button that allows to share your game much more easily and rapidly on a lot of social networks to every game page. It even comes with a QR code to print or scan, to share with anyone around you!

- More automatic checks during uploads
More automatic checks were added when a game developer tryes to create a new game page. Many kinds of checks were added, the most important ones put in place to avoid spam. Now, if a game developer tryes to make a page with an external download link, the site will automatically check if there are other games with the same external link. Furthermore, every user will be able to create a maximum of two game pages per day.

- The navigation bar has been improved
While before there were both a vertical and an horizontal navigation bar, now it’s all been included in the vertical one, which will allow you to move between different areas much more easily and rapidly.

- Added slovakian and persian support
Two new languages were added, once again thanks to the help of the indiexpo community! Adding persian is a remarkable milestone, as it makes indiexpo one of the first game hosting websites completely translated in an arabic language! We’re still fixing the site architecture relative to this new language (we gotta flip everything right to left)!

- Something new everyday!
The most recent edit, instead, was adding an area to the HomePage that will change every day. One day it will show “Games that have recently gotten more than 1000 players”, the next day it will show “The most recently followed games”, and the day after “The most relevant games that have no comments”, etc.

- More small things
New search filters in Advanced Search, new FAQ area, new User Titles depending on your level, bugs fixed regarding double notifications.

A new game has been published exclusively on indiexpo, Tony & Clyde (a low-poly adventure from a brasilian team, with a great color range and a perfect design), which was the first game featured on our latest video, the “Best of August”!

We introduced Verified Accounts, the Share button

we translated indiexpo into two new languages: Filipino and Thai!

With the help of several users from the indiexpo's community we translated the latest words and now also the younger developers and gamers, from Thailand and Philippines, can use the website easly!

It's also redesigned two areas of indiexpo, Subscriptions and Your Games (for game developers)

Now you can see the latest news and updates of the followed games and to left a comment faster!

Another new feature is about the Comments Area of the Game Pages. Now you can tag another user when you left a comment and he/she will receive a notification about it! And added a new anti-spam system!
And there are other small features like the possibility (finally) to change your password and email in Settings Area and to see the new UI of the Level Area!

And more has coming!

Stay tuned and play indies!

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